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About the Engineer:

Chip Tredo is a multi-degreed Audio-Engineer and Sound-Technician with over 30 years experience in the Audio world.  He has done live recordings of poetry slams, and tracked studio sessions for everything from rock bands to rap artists.

His collection of microphones is only rivalled by large, professional studios.  His home studio contains a Music Mastering Suite, that also has a large collection of current and vintage MIDI synthesizers that he uses for composing.

Beyond that, he has designed and installed nightclub sound and lighting systems for clubs in the NYC area, and St Louis MO.  He tunes the EQ and crossovers by ear...

He completed an Audio Engeineering degree plan at Collin County Community College this past summer (2013).  Mainly for "the fun of it", but also to legitimize three decades worth of collected knowledge.

Songs recorded/engineered by Chip Tredo:

Fingerprints- Used the SM7B on vocals, AKG and Shure on the drum kit, C1000's for overheads, bass was DI'd, Xylophone were the Cascade M39's in stereo, Keys were both DI'd. I did not run a lot of effects on this track, the tightness and age of the group made this track really "click", and when the band is really good, it makes the engineer's job really easy. ;-7

NickMix - I did the mixing and massive amounts of editing on this. "Extended" the mix, to help it develop and present itself better. I copy/pasted that little guitar riff that shows up about 2/3's of the way through from the first time it was played in the beginning verse, added effects, compressed the daylights out of the drums to tighten them up. My first attempt at a "rock" song.

The Life- This was a pro-ject. Two of the guys in class wrote it in about 3 hours. Drums were done by Daniel, who always kicks it (all puns intended). Piano, "bell", and vox sample (at the beginning) were done by myself. Bass and guitar were DI'd into the mixing board. I spent some time mixing this one... oh yeah... this was the first song I used Melodyne on (the effect on the first vocal sample at the beginning).

Keep It Street - Done in my Audio 3 class. One of the guys wrote the song in about 15 minutes, said it was just some riff he'd had running through his head. I played the organ via MIDI to help fill out the mix. Guys in class did the drums, guitar, the instructor played bass, and we all did the vocals. I like to think I had the best mix of those that mixed it, because mine was the only one that had the organ. Helps to have a 5' rack of MIDI sound modules.

Songs remixed/engineered by Chip Tredo:

Intergalactic (DJ Tempo's Out Of This World Remix) - I had done something of a "mash-up" about 15 years ago using Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys and Elektric Dance by The Jungle Crew.  This was my remake of it, using Digital Performer to sequence the drums and synths. Time compressed the acapella version of Intergalactic to speed it up.

Closer (To The Edit) - I was DJing at clubs in Dallas when this song came out. EVERYONE HAD to hear it, like every 20 minutes. I got tired of slowing things down to play this one (the original is at something like 87 bpms, eventually get back up to the fun tempo's, only to turn around and slow it back down again 30 minutes later. So, fired up Sound Designer on my Mac IIci (25MHz processor), time-compressed, then cut and pasted this one together. Way rough, but it works. ...and I could mix in/out of it.

Songs written/engineered by Chip Tredo:
Hearing Imparment - Something I threw together just before it was due in class.  Inspired by the sample "we will not be held responsible...".

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