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We utilize Macintosh computers, running ProTools and Digital Performer DAW software.

Up to 24 channels of input, through PreSonus, Focusrite, and MOTU interfaces, both solid-state and tube pre-amplifiers.

The pre-amps/interfaces:
• Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Firewire interface (8 in/out, 8 solid-state mic pre-amps)
• PreSonus FirePod Firewire interface (8 in/out, 8 solid-state mic pre-amps)
• MOTU 828mkII) Firewire interface (8 in/out, 2 solid-state mic pre-amps)
• CloudLifter CL-1 mic pre-amp

• PreSonus Tube preamp
• ART Tube MP Project preamp
• 2x M-Audio DMP3 Stereo solid-state pre-amps

The microphone list:
• AKG C414 XL-II condenser
• Blue Bluebird condenser
• Shure SM7B dynamic
• Audio-Technica SM4033 condenser
• Rode U87 (Octava conversion) condenser
• 2x Rode NT1-A (John Bonnell Mic Mods) condenser (matched pair)
• Rode NT1-A (stock) condenser
• Oktava MK-319 condenser
• MXL R40 ribbon
Shure SM33 ribbon
• 2x AKG C-1000s condenser (matched pair)
• 2x Cascade M39 condenser (matched pair)
• 2x Superlux S241/U3 condenser (matched pair)
• 3x GLS ES-57 (Shure) dynamic
• 3x GLS ES-58 (Shure) dynamic
• Shure PG-52 (kick-drum) dynamic
• 3x Shure PG-56 (tom-snare) dynamic
• AKG D112 (kick-drum) dynamic
• Audix D6 (kick-drum) dynamic
• Audix D4 (tom-snare) dynamic
• 3x Electro-Voice PL-35 (tom-snare) dynamic

Support equipment:
• Rane HC-6S headphone amplifier.
ART P16 XLR patch-bay
• MXL RF-100 sound-shield/reflection filter.

• multiple blumlien bars, pop-filters.
• many microphone stands, cables, power-supplies, power-conditioners.
• custom designed microphone/equipment storage/transport system.


There have been 3 or 4 more mics added since this was taken, but it gives you an idea of what this mobile studio is comprised of.

Mic tray

My "high end" mics. Counter-clockwise from the upper left... a stock Rode NT-1A, 2 NT-1A's upgraded with higher quality electronics by John Bonnell, an NT-1A converted with a Neumann U87 capsule (with the purple logo), the blue mic is an MXL R144 ribbon, center-bottom is an Oktava MK-319 (Russian classic), an AKG C414 XLII, an Audio-Technica SM4033, above that a Shure SM7B, and the top-right is a Blue Bluebird.

Drump mics...

Mainly "drum" mics. Between this and the Shure's, I could do 3 complete drum kits at the same time. Upper left is a matched pair of AKG C1000S's, below that is a trio of Shure PG-56's, below them is a pair of Audix D4's and a D6 next to them, and AKG D112 kick drum mic centered bottom row, with a Shure PG-52 kick mic at the bottom right, above that is a trio of Electro-Voice PL-35's.

On The Job

One of the sessions I worked on.  The iMac has been replaced by a 17" MacBook Pro.  I keep the iMac as a back-up, along with another 13" Macbook.  I have also added an external twin-disc Firewire-800 RAID-0 system. 24 tracks pushes the limits of Firewire 400 and a single disc, a FW800 twin-disc system breathes easy.

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